The Deal Alliance Team Members

Deborah Mann
Deborah MannCEO, Co-founder & Lecturer
Deborah has been flying since 1977, instructing initially in Zimbabwe, then at the Cape Aero Club in Cape Town. She has flown for the SA Red Cross in the Citation 550 and became the first woman pilot at Nationwide Airlines before joining South African Airways in 2001 as First Officer.

Deborah started Deal Alliance in 1999 and has provided the reliable and dedicated theoretical training for which the school has become well known in the professional aviation circles.

Deborah has a CELTA diploma qualifying her to teach English as a foreign language. She also has a Degree in French and Linguistics and is a competent French speaker.

Alyson Dawson
Alyson DawsonCo-founder & Linguistic Expert
Alyson Dawson is the other founding member of Deal Alliance Aviation Training. She has assisted with CPL lecturing and is now one of our English Language Proficiency Raters.

Alyson has held a Commercial Pilot’s Licence and Instructor Rating both in Zimbabwe and Canada. She is now fully involved in her own French Language Training Center situated in Fish Hoek and also teaches French for a prestigious private school in Cape Town. Her qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts majoring in French and Geography.

Michelle Mann
Michelle MannLecturer
Michelle’s passion for flying grew from her high school years. She worked towards her private pilot’s licence during her vacations from Rhodes University where she completed and Industrial Psychology Degree at the end of 2004.

Her path took her into the flight training environment where she gained valuable experience as a Grade II flight instructor and lecturer. From there she spent three years flying as a King Air contract pilot in Africa before she settled into her present full-time employment is as a Senior First Officer on the Q400 with South African Express Airways.

Michelle obtained her Facilitators training from a UK-based organisation and has been facilitating the Crew Resource Management courses for Deal Alliance since 2013.

Vanessa Mann
Vanessa MannLinguistic Expert
Vanessa Mann is one of Deal Alliance’s Aviation English Language Proficiency Raters. She has a Masters Degree in Linguistics from the Sorbonne University in Paris France and is currently employed as an international travel consultant with a Belgian company operating in Cape Town.

Vanessa has many years experience teaching English to Foreigners in language schools here in Cape Town and in Paris.

Steve Medcalf
Steve MedcalfLecturer
Steve was Cape Town International’s Chief Meteorologist/Forecaster and the Deputy officer in charge of the Cape Town weather office for many years before retiring several years ago.

He has a National Forecasting Diploma and since his retirement, has produced the SA CAA approved book on Meteorology for the South African pilot.

Steve has lectured Meteorology for Deal Alliance since the Organisation’s inception in 1999.

Captain Bruce Hyde
Captain Bruce HydeLecturer
Bruce has been a loyal support of Deal Alliance since 2001, lecturing Aircraft Technical in between his airline flying. He is currently an experienced and respected Senior Captain with Mango Airlines, deeply involved in training and testing within the airline.

Bruce and Deborah flew together in Nationwide.

Captain Giovanni Human
Captain Giovanni HumanLecturer
Giovanni and Deborah flew together in Nationwide. Giovanni is a highly respected training Captain who has
flown in many airlines both in South Africa and in Europe. He is currently a Test Captain with Boeing, operational on all current versions of the Boeing family.

Giovanni has supported Deal Alliance since 2001, giving Aircraft General lectures and from time to time facilitating CRM for the Organization.

Diané Bosman
Diané BosmanQuality Assurance Manager
Diané Bosman completed her Commercial Ground School with Deal Alliance in 2007 and in 2008 joined our team as the Administrative Manager.

Owing to Diané’s considerable experience in all fields of the aviation industry, she now holds the post of Quality Assurance Manager and is an integral part of our fabulous team.